Appalachian Children’s Home

Barbourville, Kentucky

Located in southeastern Kentucky, the Appalachian Children’s Home cares for kids from around the region who can no longer stay with their family or regular caretaker. Children staying at ACH often come from abusive or neglectful homes and usually arrive with nothing to their name. ACH helps kids ages 10-17, pushing them to pursue their passions and, most importantly, their education. ACH hopes PNG tablets will expose their kids to technology and program skills they otherwise would never see. One of their goals is to send college-bound ACH alums to school with a tablet of their own.

A Reason to Smile: Taking Back the Future at Appalachian Children’s Home

City Gospel Mission

Cincinnati, Ohio

Founded in 1924 by James Gamble, City Gospel Mission impacts 9,000 homeless and hurting adults and 12,000 at-risk youth each year through food/shelter, recovery, jobs and youth development. In 2005, City Gospel Mission started Whiz Kids, a literacy-based, 1-to-1 tutoring and mentoring program that reaches more than 1,200 at-risk students at more than 60 tutoring sites throughout Greater Cincinnati. The average student improves 3 reading curriculum levels each year, and the program has been recognized as a “Best Practice Program” by the Ohio Governor’s office. By utilizing Gift1 tablets, we can better impart students and mentees with the knowledge they need to help build a successful future.

With Reading Improvements, A Story Emerges

The Dragonfly Foundation

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Dragonfly Foundation was founded in 2010 with the mission of bringing joy to children and young adults enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants. The gifts and support Dragonfly gives patients and their families help a lot but, most of all, Dragonfly provides a place for a kid with an illness to just be a kid, period – no one whispering, pointing or staring. Through Gift1, Dragonfly aims to help patients and their families stay connected during extended hospital visits, as well as give the patients something to play with, making dark days a little bit brighter.

Facing Illness, Dragonflies Bring Inspiration to the Fight

Miracle Children’s Home

Kadali, India

Responsible for kids ranging from 1st grade on up, Miracle Children’s Home is located in rural India, a three-hour drive from the nearest major city. In keeping with Pastor Shravan’s vision, the tablets are helping MCH’s children take learning into their own hands, familiarizing themselves with new technology and supplementing their formal education. In school, the children are only taught to write English, but with the aid of apps downloaded onto tablets from Gift1, they are learning how to actually speak English, a valuable skill that will help them compete in their nation’s globalizing economy.

Mission Possible: Offering a Future to India’s Youth

Oyler School

Cincinnati, Ohio

Oyler School serves the education and development needs of pre-school to senior high school students. But at constant odds with the school’s mission is the surrounding neighborhood, fraught with poverty and lacking access to resources families need. Oyler itself is an oasis, with self-sustaining health clinics, counselling services, an Early Childhood Center and other accommodations to help kids break the vicious cycle of hardship besetting their community. Already utilizing tablets in standardized testing for students 4th grade and above, administrators hope Gift1 tablets will aid tutoring efforts for younger students and create a technological familiarity to help them in school and life.

Wi-Fi Brings Opportunity to Community In Need

Ronald McDonald House Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio

Families throughout Ohio, the U.S. and around the world come to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center seeking life-saving treatment for their critically ill children. Often, they come to Cincinnati exhausted, scared and financially drained by medical bills. Our House cares for 78 guest families every night, providing a “home away from home” while their children receive medical treatment. Gift1 tablets will allow our guests to better stay in touch with loved ones and provide access to media and other online resources they may need. It’s just one more way to help struggling families endure the trials of battling critical illness.

Gift1 by Powernet Makes Tablet Donation to Ronald McDonald House


Cincinnati, Ohio

UpSpring, formally known as Faces Without Places (FwP), was founded in 1998 to support children experiencing homelessness in Greater Cincinnati. Since that time, the organization has evolved to provide school transportation, supplies and education opportunities to the children it serves. Every year, UpSpring hosts the Yellow Bus Summer camp, a seven-week academic enrichment program for children ages 5-12 experiencing homelessness in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The addition of tablets provided by Gift1 by Powernet will aid the camp in enhancing the educational experience of the children, helping to reinforce fundamentals in language arts, math and other critical subjects.

Our Day at Camp: Life Lessons from UpSpring