Powernet makes Tablet Donation to 2015 GRAD Cincinnati Graduates

Powernet donated 30 tablets – one for each graduating student – to the GRAD Cincinnati Program earlier this month at the organization’s annual scholarship ceremony.

"I was very impressed by the GRAD students and their accomplishments,” Edita Dolan-Mayo, Powernet’s Manager of Community Affairs said. “The tablets were a huge surprise and major hit! They cheered so loud when they found out they would get a tablet to take with them on their next journey.”

GRAD Cincinnati’s mission is to provide a premiere college readiness, college access, and college support program by building high impact partnerships within the community to raise student expectations and achievement. The program works with two high schools in Cincinnati, Robert A Taft Information Technology High School and Western Hills University High School, to help prepare students for college. In order to receive the GRAD Cincinnati scholarship, the students have to comply with attendance and grade rules while following other standards of the program.

“I always liked school because I hated being home,” Ayriq Sims, a graduate of the program, said. “Once we got to school we were here with our friends, we were learning new things and it was pretty good.”

Ayriq’s goal is to go to The Ohio State University to study International Business. With the help of the GRAD Cincinnati staff, that goal will become a reality this fall.

For many of these students, they are the first person in their family to attend college.

“Tools to transition to college can make all the difference in the world for these first-generation college students,” Patricia Stewart-Adams, Executive Director of GRAD Cincinnati told us. “Powernet has supplied them with a tool that they can use everyday in their studies.”

Since the organization was founded in 2001, GRAD Cincinnati has served over 1,400 students in a number of ways. The total scholarship received, including financial aid, for the 2015 GRAD class was $488,626, which was spread among the 30 students who received the scholarship.

“Powernet understands access to technology can have a big impact on people's lives,” Dolan-Mayo told the students during the ceremony. “One of our goals is to bridge the digital divide and improve the lives of those in our own community. One way we do that is by partnering with organizations such as GRAD Cincinnati.”